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Prices and Specifications Honda Mobilio RS and CVT

Full price and specification Honda Mobilio Recent RS 2015. Honda is a leading car manufacturer that has been worldwide, especially in Indonesia, many of which use the car brand Honda. Try to see on the streets must be branded Honda car.


Honda made an update in early 2015, Honda issued a new variant of the Honda Mobilio RS. Honda mobilio true is low MPV concept car, but today many people are interested in this car, following his review.

Specifications Honda Mobilio And HargaEksterior
Honda mobilio seen a car that high level. Because equipped with bumpers, spoiler, grille which will give the impression of elegance and sportiness to the car. In addition there is also a powerful audio system that will make you more comfortable being a long time in the car. Plus wheels are further confirms the quality of Honda mobilio. In terms of interior Honda mobilio equipped with a padded car seat combined with the skin so as to make uncomfortable investigators.

Honda mobilio there are audio controls inc LCD size of 6.1, which can be and there is a connection port to be able to connect to the USB, gadged smartphones and so forth. In addition to controlling your steering wheel audio simply because mobilio type of RS is equipped with a feature called audio stering switch. And in the interior of the car Honda mobilio dominated fancy colored leather seats that would give the impression of sportiness. For security features while driving cars made by Honda this, mobilio equipped with safety features that are named Auto lock system by speed, which is useful lock when the car speed exceeds 14 kilometers per hour.

Honda mobilio low MPV car is equipped with a powerful engine of 1.5 liter SHOC class 4 Sylinder inline 16-valve i-VITEC DBW. Capable of spraying power 118 ps at 6600 rpm and torque of 14.8 kg.m Honda mobilio reached at 4,600 rpm. So Honda mobilio is quite capable to bulldoze the streets of the city and others. Honda mobilio to fuel uses gasoline.

Price Honda Mobilio RS and CVT

Honda Mobilio RS M / T

Rp 212 million, -
Honda Mobilio CVT

USD 222 500 000, -
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