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Advantages and Disadvantages Honda Mobilio And Interesting Facts About Mobilio

An interesting fact of Honda Mobilio. Mobilio is the work of Japanese manufacturers and has interesting facts, indeed in Indoneia many are looking for information about Honda Mobilio, probably due to tough specifications or the price is quite affordable.

An interesting fact from Mobilio include the Honda Product this one has a capacity large enough for your family because it has the capacity to accommodate 7 passengers how fairly wide right. Honda Mobilio using MPV concept which has dimensions of 4,390 mm long, the roomy enough with dimensions that much deserved that can accommodate seven passengers.

Excellence and excess Honda Mobilio

The most interesting part of Honda Mobilio is a parking problem, even though it has a long dimension plus Ground Clearance which has a height of 185 mm and with a length of 2,650 mm wheelbase but is not difficult to Mobilio car is parked, so just take it easy and safe for pemarkirannya problems.

Honda Mobilio using MPV concept by carrying the I-Vtec engine which has a capacity of 1.5 liters and produces a maximum power of 118 PS and torque of 14.4 Nm generated. As for the transmission of Mobilio using 5 speed automatic CVT. It is suitable for your keliarga because it has a powerful engine and tangguk and comfortable to drive. Using a concept car like the Honda Mobilio will be in production in Indonesia as well as being the first product Karawand Honda plant in West Java.

In the first year when the market price is priced New Price Rp. 150 million to the new price of Rp. 180 million. Mobilio is low MPV Avanza duo that rival the most interesting and has lots of color options so as to compete with its competitors.

Excellence and excess Honda Mobilio

Excellence and excess Honda Mobilio

Manufacturer Honda is very good at reading the situation, MPV car from Honda presents the advantages that you should consider for embelinya. The advantages offered very attractive among others, on the part dimensions are spacious and airy so it is suitable for your big family. This car is able to carry 7 passengers that travel or while traveling can invite all your family.

The other advantages are Mobilio feature size of 18.5 cm Ground Clearance is a measure that is superior than the comrade of this MPV. And has a wheelbase of 2650 mm making it safer when crossing the road potholes or puddles and flooding.

At the bottom has Alloy wheels so that the display becomes gallant and roomy cabin using a 5 speed manual transmission for the Type S and Type E E. Matic automatic transmission CVT. in addition to the above options Honda mobilio has front wheel drive system generates a maximum power of 118 ps / 6600 rpm and torque of 14.4 Nm / 4800 rpm and has a capacity of 1500 cc engine.

Deficiencies and weakness Honda Mobilio

Many are looking for about the weakness of the Honda Mobilio, but the problem weaknesses and drawbacks depending on your treatment. If for example you take care of Honda Mobilio well it will not be visible shortcomings. But if you are in treatment less then surely many shortcomings that this is why.

So to issue shortcomings and weaknesses depending on your own in order to take care of maintenance and Mobil, even in passing any terrain you should consider carefully. But with the information about the advantages and disadvantages as well as the Honda Mobilio Honda Mobilio specifications and pricing will provide references for you in choosing a car Mobilio MPV.

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