Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Tour of My Craftsman Home Living Areas

I fell in love with my vintage craftsman because it has original character with remodeled luxuries. It was tricky to decorate, as the living area is two smaller rooms instead of one larger one. I love the built in bookcases and bar, so I made it work for my needs. I thought I would share how I resolved the decor, as I will probably be moving soon and start with a new space again! I have supplied links to products when possible if you are interested in getting similar items.

[Chair - garage sale vintage. Pillow - handmade. Clock - Modcloth. Entrytable - Too by BluDot for Target]

[Chairs - Cokas Diko. Side Table - Garage sale vintage / upcycled. Floor pouf - Target. Lamp - Japantown SF. "Aloha" Wall Art - EverythingisJake]

[Couch - Pennie Sofa by Crate and Barrel. Coffee table / art bench - vintage. Lamp - vintage. Brown Table - vintage. White table - Ikea. Rug - West Elm.]

[Pillows - Marimekko, Ikea, and handmade with Lotta Jansdotter fabric. Painting by Amberlee Rosolowich and represented by the Hespe Gallery in SF.]

[DIY Wall Art from previous post here. Green house - Ikea. Small table - Cokas Diko]

[Chair - Crate and Barrel Como Chair in Houndstooth Gray & White. Pillow - handmade. Wall art - handmade using pipes that were unusable.  Vintage items in cabinet - available for purchase at Upcountry Vintage]

A lot of my decorating style is based on the things I have learned from the blog Apartment Therapy. It's a great one to visit if you are looking for ideas how to decorate and solve small space problems! I have also done the "Home Cure" book/blog challenge written by the author of apartment therapy, if you are looking to really get your home decor and organization dialed in, you should check it out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kokeshi Doll Quilt

Last year, while at the fabric store, I spotted this collection of Kokeshi girl fabrics. It was the first time I ever felt the desire to sew a quilt for myself, as usually I make them for baby showers and my nieces and nephews. 

With my lil helper, Poppy, at my side, I finally finished my kokeshi quilt this week. It was good practice for me to continue to work on my technique because I don't really call myself a quilter (I come from a family of very established quilting professionals and I do not even attempt to make the style of quilts that they create!). Most of the sewing projects I do are very haphazard and don't require sewing straight lines. Which is good, because I have not taken a lot of math or geometry so sometimes my measurement skills leave something to be desired!

But, I am happy with it and love the bold graphics. And I think Poppy loves it too...

Do you like to sew? 
Are you working on any fun projects in your sewing room right now?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Style Icon: "Butcher Babe" Loreal of Food Network Star Fame

One of my guilty pleasures is following the "Food Network Star" on Sunday nights. I think that Loreal Gavin, the rockabilly "butcher babe," could be the next winner. Not only can she cook, but she always makes sure to have a great look while doing it!

[Loreal, the "butcher babe" of Food Network Star fame]
Here are some great ways to incorporate her look into your style:
  1. Loreal loves big hair, often styled with a "dolly bow." She will usually keep her outfits neutral and pump up the print with her great hair accessories to draw the eye up to her face.
  2. Don't be afraid of a bold red lip. If you don't know how to pick out lipstick, pop into Sephora and ask for assistance!
  3. Vintage dresses usually run petite. Modcloth offers vintage style in a variety of sizes, including plus size fashion.
  4. When in doubt, add gingham, bandana print, and chambray for modern pinup style. 
  5. Loreal wears lots of red and black, so the picks below have a red and black theme:
[Fabric Covered Earrings in Red/White Bandana by Brookleigh]

[Vintage Inspired Head Scarf Bow or Bandana by OhHoneyHush]
What do you think of this style?
Are you cheering for Loreal to win this season too?

All Etsy images used in this post with permission of shop owners. Please support their work and all handmade and vintage sellers on Etsy. 
Screen shot of Loreal from Season 10, Episode 2 of Food Network Star, which is a show televised by the Food Network on Sunday nights. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

the Picker's Achilles Heel

All vintage sellers have one item that they will almost never pass up when they see it at a garage sale. I call this the "Picker's Achilles Heel." While I love a variety of mid century housewares, my achilles heel has to be cribbage boards.

I first fell in love with the game of cribbage about 10 years ago. I played a variety of games with my family, but cards were the crowd favorite. I found the cribbage board in the game closet and asked about it so we tried it out. I was hooked! Then I discovered a friend of mine was also in love with cribbage, so for a while we would meet once a week at a coffee shop to play a game and catch up.

The boards are interesting looking and have a variety of designs - they can also have 2 or 3 tracks depending on the number of players it will hold. Over the years, I have sold a number of cribbage boards through Upcountry Vintage and hope to come across many more.

Maybe I will be one of the people responsible for bringing back the game of cribbage to a new generation.

[1970s Cribbage Board, Sold at my shop]

What is your "Achilles Heel" when you are vintage shopping? 
Is there an item you can almost never pass up?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Outfit of the Day

Today, I planned to go to SF for the Renegade Craft Fair. I pulled out my kimono moto jacket to protect me against Karl the Fog. Unfortunately, I never made it to the City because I have a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia that flared up when I was on my drive there... so today I was literally all dressed up with no where to go! 

I hope that you have been having a nice weekend!

• Jess •

the Look: 
Tank Top by Gap in dark gray.
Vintage locket from my grandmother - Etsy has many great vintage lockets to choose from!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vintage Style Embroidery Pattern Love

Recently, I attended a craft group meetup at a wine bar. I dug out my embroidery projects (which happens to be the most portable of my crafting obsessions), and had a lovely time sipping Sauv with other crafty ladies. It motivated me to start working on my embroidery more frequently... and I will share my current project here soon!

While looking at embroidery patterns available on Etsy, I came across the cutest shop called "thestoryofkat" - she has both PDF patterns and embroidered items available in her shop. I wanted to share a few of my faves on this blog because they have a great vintage theme with a modern flair.

[Vintage Shop Hand Embroidery Pattern by thestoryofkat]
[Vintage Bowls embroidery pattern by thestoryofkat]

What are your favorite embroidery patterns and products? 
Is there an item at Kat's shop you are swooning over?