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Prices and specifications BMW 520i

BMW 520i car. BMW's automobile output is a car that uses an elegant design, in addition to the car type 520i is a luxury car that has a good Performance and also an affordable price.
Specifications and Price BMW 520i

BMW is indeed always gives a stylish innovations and already global but it is also famous for its luxury, plus BMW engines already proven reliability. One of them is the BMW 520i which is an elegant luxury car.


BMW 520i engine using the engine M54B22 BMW Twin Power Turbo 4-cylinder that can produce a maximum power of 184 ps / 5000 rpm and torque produced is 278 Nm / 1260 rpm. And advantages of the BMW 520i is the car fuel efficient car, in 1 liter BMW 520i is able to cover a distance of 15.6 km.

BMW 520 design using stylis design and modern luxury that exudes an aura of such a tradition of BMW. Although it comes with a BMW luxury but always pay attention to safety by presenting its flagship features.

Safety features are concerned BMW 520, the BMW 520i has safety features include air bags, stability control, ABS, immobilizer, and also keyless entry. Fit for you who crave, desire luxury cars are comfortable and safe.

Prices and specifications BMW 520i

Of the BMW did not give a high price, since demand for this car is quite affordable at Rp. 789 million.

BMW 520i Rp. 789 million

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